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    mawcc wrote:
    Wild guess: WinFS has been a pet project of Bill Gates. Doesn't seem to be one of Ray Ozzie.

    Quite impressive - not only can Ray Ozzie make a split-second decision that instantly changes the direction in a company of 60,000 people, he can also do it two years before he fully replaces Bill Gates!
    I'm guessing the two-year cooling period is just a code name for Ozzie having Bill tied up in his basement and signing everything he brings him?

    In other words, remember that in a company this huge the people at the very top make large changes in direction, but rarely decide the fate of specific features or products.

    I think the UI/filesystem integration is a very touchy subject. It's a pretty drastic change to the way we organize our files, and as such has to be implemented right. I prefer the current method with all of its problems to a half-assed implementation. Some may say that they've had years to get it right and still they failed. That may be true. But unlike some others here, I don't feel like anyone's promised me anything. A press release isn't a contract, and I doubt anyone has based their business plan on the existance of WinFS.