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    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Eye candy and security are nice features but they dont justify the prolonged delays. Microsoft really needs to organize their priorities and establish and manage efficent development teams.

    I think they have got their priorities straight.

    Windows XP isn't lacking in features. It's got TONS of features. It's got great features. Where it's lacking is security, usability and occasionally stability.

    I would much rather see Vista be an XP Redux done right, with these problems addressd, before we start doing completely new things without making sure we got our bases covered.

    WinFS? Avalon/WPF? These are the real eye/geek candy. Brand new technologies are fun for us developer, but don't solve the real needs of the OS users.

    I'm sure the Vienna teams are hard at work on brand spanking new features for us. I'm sure the MSResearch folk are thinking up god-knows-what. I'm also sure the Vista management knows what's important.