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Quick Questions from a New Member

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    Hello everyone,
    After stumbling across this website/forum from a random Google search in regards to a constant computer problem I've been having, I decided it would be best to register and bring forth some questions.  The Google search keywords were "computer completely locks up playing games" with the post being this. Before I go into asking lots of questions as a completely new member I wanted to first make sure it would be recieved okay. If I get the go ahead from you all I'll get going with the questions. Thanks from all in advance.

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    Sure Go Ahead!Smiley That's what forums are made for.

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    Great and thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping across any lines in just coming out of nowhere with lots of questions.  My apologies for the useless post I suppose.

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    No problem. Welcome to Channel 9[H]

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    mtmjc wrote:
    No problem. Welcome to Channel 9

    Yeah, welcome to Channel 9; have a nice stay.

    Angus Higgins

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    Thanks for the warm welcome.

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    Matthew van Eerde

    Welcome mikad0!  A song in your honor:

    My object all sublime
    I shall achieve in time
    To let the punishment fit the crime,
    The punishment fit the crime

    And make each pris'ner pent
    Unwillingly represent
    A source of innocent merriment,
    Of innocent merriment.

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