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    irascian wrote:
    OK. So am I the only one who gets "You do not have permission to view this page" when he tries to click on the release notes hyperlink on Connect, or did everybody else just completely ignore the instruction "You must download and read the release notes prior to installing this build" and go ahead and do the download and install anyway!

    I know you had said it was a rhetorical question but I do have to say something here....

    Users aren't going to read the release notes they're going to want it to work. And if Jamie can complain about UI/Navigation points then I think it's OK if I can complain as well Tongue Out

    If I was a serious beta tester (Dedicated time to filing bugs) then I would read the release notes, file bugs, subscribe to the newsgroups,etc...however I don't therefore simple complaining...doesen't hurt anything but maybe gives people a heads up on what maybe to expect.