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    I just did the upgrade...

    Damn, that's all I have to say....

    1) Took 3 hours...that's BS for an upgrade (boo)
    2) 5 restarts...(boo)
    3) New in select control panel areas... (yay)
    4) Cleartype disabled (boo)
    5) I had royale installed before the upgrade...did the upgrade, and now royale is gone (boo) cary over my themes damnit.
    6) Before upgrade I had Windows Live Messenger installed, launched WLM as I'm typing wants to install and configure again *sigh* AND lost the settings under XP (boo)
    7) Before upgrade Firefox was my default browser...upgrade and XP is my default browser. What exactly did I upgrade? (boo)
    8) Installed Nero Demo today (28 day trial), upgraded to Vista....amazing my trial is over
    9) Start a program (WLM), Open Opera, Open Firefox, each application "crawls" up the start menu, click on any Windows branded application (Windows Mail, etc) and it resets the start bar to the preinstalled set...way to go.
    10) In screensavers when using "Windows Energy" it comes back saying it doesn't have a Direct 3D compatible card....THEN DON'T GIVE THAT AS AN OPTION!!!

    I'm trying to figure out if Vista if supposed to be an OS or if it is supposed to be a service pack gone wrong.