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    I've really given up on installing and uninstalling Vista.

    This time I upgraded rather than a clean build. It still can't find any of my drivers where a couple of releases ago on a "clean" install it had no problems.

    With 5456 the screen went back to a poor resolution, no sound, no wireless network. The in-built wireless card which is slow so not normally used IS detected but tells me there are no wireless networks within range despite the fact five other wireless PCs in the same room are happily using it. You can click on diagnostics, but then it expects to go out to an internet connection to display help and of course without a network....

    I sorted the screen res out by reinstalling the XP driver I got from Toshiba's web site a few years ago. I can't do the same with the Yamaha sound driver or the Compaq wireless card. The sound driver complains about a missing codec. So you try and install the missing codec which fails with an unspecified OS error and... well life is TOO short. 

    This is pretty basic stuff, has been there in different variations on many drops now and leaves a very negative impression. Maybe I'm just unlucky with my hardware choices but it's not like Toshiba Tecra and Compaq are not household names. If these sorts of issues are not fixed by RTM what hope for Microsoft improving their negative reputation for Windows when Joe Public try this sort of upgrade?

    Maybe I've just been unlucky but I've spent too many wasted weekends on these various drops with little of real use or stability to warrant any kind of effort. When even Microsoft's own Mike Taulty can't get SQL Server 2005 to install on it what hope for the rest of us mere mortals?

    The speed with which beta 2 has been withdrawn (what happened to the old "beta's will be quality releases" mantra?) as yet another "much improved" CTP build gets rushed out shows what a farce the whole Vista release schedule has been.

    I really am beginning to believe those naysayers who think that Microsoft really have lost the plot.