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    eagle wrote:
    I find it a disgrace that the England fans have let down their country again. Every time they go to a major tournament they are involved in violence. I know the old cliche ' Its only a very small minority' and ' we were provoked by locals/police/rival fans' but surely the blame must lie with the England fans as the trouble always seems to crop up where ever they are
    Paul , Edinburgh

    Reply from the BBC's site.

    I don't want to start an argument, but 'Paul from Edinburgh' obviously forgot to mention the fact an adult of his own country punched a 7 year old boy in the head because he wore an England football shirt.

    As I said before I don't want to start an arguemnt, I would alos like to say, I have nothing against Scottish people (a lot of my family is Scottish), my point is, you can take a quote from anywhere and use it without any regard to recent events to show a point.

    Also, in every country there are people who will behave in a way that is considered not acceptable, when a large group of people are placed in an area where there is strong rivalry, it is more likely that these people will behave in an unacceptable way, if they do, they will probably influence others who will join in. This is visible in any microcosm of a society, schools are good examples.

    I do agree that England fans were in the wrong to retaliate to the German fans, but as the head of the police in Germany said, it was the fault of both parties.

    Angus Higgins