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View Thread: 200 England fans arrested
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    Please. Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll.

    If everyone took Eagle as their example we'd all be making endless "shouty" large font posts every time some tiny minority of American society or Irish society did something that anybody with any intelligence could see was barbaric behaviour.

    We'd have a Channel 9 forum that had hundreds of posts a day that did absolutely nothing other than stir up endless flames and inter-country rivalries.

    There is nothing to see here, other than Eagle proving yet again what a bigoted idiot he is. As if his constant name dropping and arrogance weren't enough to put up with already.

    I've no idea what he's like in real life but at the moment, based on his online presence,  I see him as the "Paris Hilton" of the Channel 9 world - ligging and freeloading everywhere, spreading his own peculiar brand of arrogance and bile, not realising that behind his back (and sometimes in front of it) people are going "What a total arse. Why are people giving him any publicity?!".

    Move along please. Ding. Ding.