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Who do I need to contact to become a beta tester for Longhorn?

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    I am currently a student at Oklahoma State University. I do not have access to MSDN, but would like to contribute to the development of Longhorn.  I am interested in submitting bug reports and what not; my question is who do I need to contact to become a beta tester for Longhorn?  Thanks, -Shane

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    Well its not like that. They contact you.  Plus Right Now Longhorn is said to be in just skin testing. Very important for our guy in m$oft. Btw you can get a msdn account to get it. But that cost alot of $$$

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    go to and use "BetaReq" as a guest sign-in. Note that you will need either an hotmail/msn passport account or a NET one. You can apply for the latter at:
    Good luck!

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    Thank you smartguy and Fritzly Smiley

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    William Gates

    money, looks, brains, oh! and the most of lot of luck...

     Longhorn is now being officially renamed the "male emissions of the bovine species" due to the amount of extras involved, a variant of Bull no doubt...

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