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Idea for anyone in the Soda or Prize Industry

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    I don't really drink soft drinks. Far healthier drinking Smoothies and fruit juice. Plus I think some drinks and foods can change you personality. Eat organic foods/drink and have a generally healthy lifestyle and you look and behave better.

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    defstream wrote:
    Implement a system where you can text message the code on the bottom of the cap or inside a badge and see if you win that way the User will not have to wait to get a computer. Sure you won't be able to get all that valuable information you would when they would register normally, but gee golly it would be  convenient.

    This would be a great idea for promoters who wanted to collect phone numbers for text messaging and other ads....
    They could have a multi-channel marketing approach, with a channel making money from website ads, and another making money from cell phone ads....
    Then also, they could go for a synnergetic effect, sending a reply with a url, so that you could still go to the web site and see other goodies, and all those other ads.

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