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MS Encarta

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    One of my Favourite MS applications thats often not recognised here at Channel9 is the Encarta products.

    It is just so damn nice done!

    Is Encarta done entirely at Microsoft?
    If so it would be nice to have a video from the Encarta group here at C9.

    Maybe an interview with the people who is responsible for organizing all the bits and pieces. How they cope with all the contributors/developers and so on.


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    I spent 7 years on the Encarta team, as a developer, then a dev lead, then dev manager.  It was a great experience.

    Like most encyclopedia products, the article content is developed by external subject matter experts, with guidance from the Encarta editorial staff.  Many articles come from college professors and the like. Existing articles are also frequently reviewed for accuracy and changes, also by subject matter experts.

    Media (photos, videos, and the like) are usually licensed, although some animations, the 3D walkthroughs, and some other complex media types were developed in-house.

    A few months back, ActiveWin had an interview with Gary Alt, editorial director.  The PI ran a similar article as well.

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