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View Thread: The Saga of War Crimes Continues: Rape & Murder
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    Shark_M wrote:
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    Look at Abu-Ghraib. And how do we know these soldiers were not told that its ok to break the law?

    As far as Abu-Ghraid is concerned you don't know unless you were there.

    I have seen enough to know what they did was Crimes against humanity in Abu-Ghraib. It will tarnish US image for ever.

    So now , when you blaim other countries like China for human right abuses , they will say , look who is pointing fingers!

    Wait a minute.  Your question was if someone told them to do it.  My reply was simply who knows for sure.  No one will argue that the pictures and information that resulted from what happened at Abu was pretty bad stuff.  I was convinced long ago it took place.  I am not however convinced on whether or not it was sanctioned by someone in a command status or just perpetuated by idiots acting on their own.