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View Thread: The Saga of War Crimes Continues: Rape & Murder
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    SCMcDonnell wrote:
    Your sentence explaining the article is an outright lie.  You should be ashamed.

    No where in that article does it say "charged" or convicted.  But, obviously you cannot stand your country and read into the article what you HOPE the turnout will be.  It's disgusting and even if it does turn out to be true you will not be able to avoid looking stupid, uneducated, and anti-American. 

    In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty.

    Go away.


    Well,no, in this day and age your guilty until said to be innocent by the home land security and the NSA.

    Just look at Guantanmo concentration camp.

    Besides, the evidence is STRONG. The army is does not accuse its soldiers of wrong doing unless there are damn good evidence of wrong doing + pressure from the world community to prosecute.