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View Thread: The Saga of War Crimes Continues: Rape & Murder
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    Shark_M wrote:

    There were some deaths due to what they did. These soldiers demonstrated acts of coward behavior. They should get life in prison or even death for betrayal of the Code of Honor and betrayal of US values.

    The stories are comming one by one, and from the looks of it, I did not know that US soldiers can be this cowardly, murdering innocent civilians and raping young defenseless girls in front of their mom and dad.

    More and more these gang that took over office, are making America look like Germany during the 1940s

    Manip wrote:
    I kind of expect this from the US Army now...

    They think that Iraqi civilians are no better than animals, and you can easily find video, images and stories of US soldiers killing, torturing and assaulting civilians.

    Guilt by association guys.  The lumping of US soldiers and US Army when discussing these acts is very reckless.  For every 1 bad one there's tens of thousands of very honorable men and women.  That's the cause of the image degradation, not the acts but the hasty generalization that takes place becuase of those acts.