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View Thread: The Saga of War Crimes Continues: Rape & Murder
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    Manip wrote:
    blindlizard wrote: The thing is that everyone is watching the US military through a microsope.  I would bet that (an no I haven't researched this it is just a gut feeling) if you looked at any military conflict in the history of the world you would find this same stuff happening.  I am not saying it is not horrific, I am just saying that US service members are not the only ones to do it.  The big difference is that the US government investigates and punishes them for it

    I guess that makes it ok then? ... Maybe the US army could increase rapes and murders and with it increase troop moral? ... Perhaps every Saturday each troop could go out and find a random Iraqi to kill, like a free pass to murder? ... Fun Fun Fun...

    You could have made your point with resorting to this reply.