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    I agree, use MSI's whenever possible.  But I'm trying to distribute an ActiveX control that interops back to a .NET assembly.  What is the prescribed GAC installation method for this situation?

    According to this thread you have to put .NET assemblies into the GAC for them to be visible to ActiveX controls hosted on a web page (and preliminary tests show this seems to still hold true, the thread is from 2003).  So I need to put my assembly into the GAC via a CAB install (aka inf).

    Is my "best" option to write a .net app which calls the EnterpriseServices method mentioned earlier just to put my needed assembly into the GAC?  That seems like a bad hack instead of a solution. 

    Could I simply do a:

    copy [assembly file name] \windows\assembly\

    and shfusion.dll will do its magic?  This is scary to me as there doesn't seem to be a good way to get failure messages, and I don't know if that even works.

    Any help would be great!  I've been scratching my head all day long on this.