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    Rossj wrote:
    Help - I've lost it.  I installed a .Net 2.0 runtime today and it didn't install gacutil ... anyone know..

    a. Why?
    b. Where I can find it ...

    a. GACUTIL doesn't come with the .NET Runtime, but with the .NET SDK - also a free download, but not part of the basic redistributable. The SDK is installed with Visual Studio, so development machines always have it.

    Yes, this sucks big-time. And no, there aren't any managed APIs that can register/unregister things in the GAC. GACUTIL binds to unmanaged functions.

    I'm guessing you need this for deployment? There are several ways to go about it:
    1) Bundle GACUTIL.EXE with your installation package.
    2) Install in the GAC by copying your DLL into C:\WINDOWS\Assembly. This isn't a perfect solution - I'm pretty sure only copying from Windows Explorer does the trick, and other methods may not work.
    3) Install in GAC using your MSI Installer of choice - the built in Visual Studio Installer project can install assemblies in the GAC simply by adding a Global Assembly Cache folder as part of the destination filesystem.

    If you need GACUTIL for other purposes - cleaning the Download Cache or whatnot - you'll have to find alternate ways of doing it. Sad