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View Thread: Where is GACUTIL?
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    Rossj wrote:
    pacelvi wrote:
    GACUTIL is for developers not end-users. That's why it's in the SDK but not the Redistributable.

    You've never shipped anything with a CCW that requires stdole have you? Why isn't stdole in the runtime? It is in my local (SDK) GAC and it is required the moment I use CCW...

    I dont know if we're on the same page.  The statement you quoted is me refering to the GACUTIL.exe binary that is in the SDK to assist developer in managing their assemblies in the GAC.

    Your sentence menions just the GAC. I dont know if you mean GACUTIL.  If you mean just the GAC, then I'll have to say I wasn't making a blanket statement to not use the GAC, just that if you use it be sure you're using it for the right reasons.

    I stand by what I said about GACUTIL.  It's MS's code and they did not authorize it's redistributibility, it also was not designed to be used with installers and what not.  That's what MSI is for.