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    Shark_M wrote:
    pacelvi wrote: 
    jsampsonPC wrote: True! When you're a skeptic, you're not accountable for a single thing. Aside from that, you are making some pretty bold claims, and then refusing to debate them.

    You want to tell me that the Bible is nothing more than myth, and there is no truth to it - and then around and protect your rear-end by refusing to debate your nonsense?

    Pretty secure position.

    But this goes beyond skepticism doesn't it?

    I'll state something about the Koran I don't like, and what these guys do is instead of sticking to the point is to bring up the Bible (which they dont't even know that well) in order to make a diversion and the result is this.

    Now I promise you, in some future thread, they're going to bring up all the things they said today as if this discussion never occured.

    I contend that one doesn't have to be a believer in any particular religion and yet still recognize what the religion is trying to say in this or that text.  In other words, you can still think the Bible is myth , yet understand within its own terms what the Exodus meant.

    Who do you refer to by these guys? In case you never had the intelliegence to figure it out, I am not a muslim. I am atheist.

    Seconly, I brought these here as support to the claim that the Torah and the Bible is not that different from the Koran. So be fair to all. If you claim otherwise your being hypocritical at best.

    I was referring to atheists in my statement.  Yes I know you're  an atheist.

    Your claim was already disproven.