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Something you learned in the last 3 months from Ch9?

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    I dont learn much tech from C9...

    But I get to know whats going on. From that, I can decide if I want to look into something further or not, as may be the case.

    What I have learnt from C9 though is much more personal. Personal skills, here are some examples;
     Not taking a development job personally (Maddus Mattus) that if you keep at things eventually you get there (littleguru, c# mvp, remember his post asking how to do it about 2 years ago? Tongue Out) That not all opionions are worth the disk space they are stored on (the trolls and other c9 members I dont want to mention), some places you have to bring your own milk! (Dr Herbie), That peace will win the war (C), that you can have fun with almost any code (Jamie), tear it to shreds and disect it then argue about it (w3bbo), know your worth (leeappdalecom), how to be professionally moody (eagle), how to be unique (whole of C9) and spam (bas) Tongue Out

    Those are just a few off the top of my head right now, there are so many other things I have learnt from C9 I am just enjoying the whole curve and experience really, I hope it still moves from strength to strength.

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