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View Thread: Settling the religous debates once and for all
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    Aptly Goodie

    Sabot wrote:
    People have argued for centuries about Jesus and religions, so we aren't going to crack the issues here on C9 are we?

    But I have a belief about what will solve the issues once and for all.


    Sorry, my friend, time will not change much. Religion will only evolve with changing human thinking. It's inescapable. First we have Terracentric thinking, then when we all know it's heliocentric, somehow we managed to adapt religions to work with that new discovery. And then when we proved that Earth was more than 5,000 years old, religion still works. Then evolution etc etc... It's really a waste of time when it's clearly an outflowing channel of human's dissatisfaction of its own fragility and insignificance in the universe. Healthier to admit that kind of fragility and insignificance than to force to think otherwise. Didn't you guys get taught that you should be who you are and be proud of who you are in pre-school? It's the biggest athiest organized conspiracy, ya'know.