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View Thread: Settling the religous debates once and for all
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    Sourcecode wrote:

    Believing that Washington existed is allot easier then believing some guy umpteen years ago is the self proclaimed son of god.

    Time is not the problem , people who lived at Jesus time did not believed him too.  (Some of them saw the miracles too). Your mind alone can not believe. The heart alone can not believe. Your soul alone can not believe. When you meet Jesus your mind , your heart, and your soul have to recognise HIM otherwise you will just ignore him.

    Sourcecode wrote:

    Believing that Washington cut down a cherry tree is easier then believing that there is in fact a heaven, and hell.

    Believing that Washington had a favorite meal, and enjoyed it as much as possible, is easier then believing that one day (no one knows when) we will all die at the hand of our creator, and go to hell. All because we choose not to believe, and that only those that do believe (in the correct god mind you), have the right to go to heaven, and live for an eternity in paradise.

    All of the above statement has nothing to do with the actual teachings of Jesus Christ.  Jesus loves you , he is not the ultimate Judge-Punisher. Please do not reject the  wrong image of Jesus , meet him , know him and then you will ask him to

    Sourcecode wrote:

    However, believing that religion existed/exists to provide hope, and put those people with need at rest. Too make one feel comfortable with death, and the inevitable way of nature is believable.

    Believing that religion was created to give an excuse for war, or reasons for it, is believable.

    Believing that if god really did exist then why is there so much crap in the world, and millions of young people that committed no sin’s what so ever are dying every year from famine and disease, and war. Un believable.

    Religions and philosophy are man made, Jesus Christ revelead Himsef to us and gave us (again) the path to personal DIRECT communication with God. You ( and I) can not image how humble HE is, how much he respect us. Our logic is like a stone compared to HIS wisdom. Many things seem to us not divine when we try to explain HIS actions with our experience.

    We want HIM to become like us to take part to our wars , to our madness!!! We can not understand why son of God gave himself to people to crucify him.

    Sourcecode wrote:

    Believing that the God that created this world is powerful enough to completely destroy it, yet can’t raise a finger to feed a couple million people, destroy all nukes in the world, or protect innocent people from mass genocides. Un believable.

    Believing, or not believing all these things? Choices are our own. All these things are gods plan, or will. Yet we still must believe. If all this is god’s will, then he can keep heaven. Who needs it.

    OK , then do not believe to the god of war, the god who kill people, or the god of power who supresses people.
    Join us then and believe to the God of  Love and Kidness, the God of untold wisdom. Jesus Christ is our Lord , and to him we believe and give our selfs to.

    Please do not reject or hate the destorded image of Jesus Christ. Study and you will meet Him at person.

    For anyone who want to research more please goto