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Open handle limitations in Longhorn

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    Let me preface this by saying I find Windows XP to be an extremely stable and powerful environment to work in... for the most part. As a developer and power user I have three monitors hooked up and often have dozens of applications that I am working in simultaneously.

    While the NT kernel brought to an end most of the resource limitations from earlier versions of Windows, a serious resource limit still exists. With many applications open, the number of open handles in the OS can reach high levels. After about 15000 handles are open, XP will start to destabilize. Menus will start disapearing and windows will stop painting themselves as Windows runs out of free handles to allocate.

    Is this something that the kernel team is addressing in Longhorn? In my opinion that is the single biggest issue with Windows that I face in day-to-day usage.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Shining Arcanine

    I 2nd that.

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    Stability and Reliability are certainly being addressed in Longhorn. With so much marketing emphasis being put on the user mode part of Longhorn, sometimes the innovative work that's being done much farther down in the OS goes unheralded. The goal is always stability and reliability down in the processing trenches. You will see marked improvement in this space come Longhorn.

    Keep on posting,


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    When I come across situations like this, I use the task manager to figure out what applications are using the most handles, and I quit them if I'm not actively using them.  MySQL is a big offender, I've found -- I'm not sure how a database engine that has about 3 MB of data in 20 tables, in one database, can somehow manage to use 4,500 handles, but it does...

    Obviously, this isn't really a solution, but it may help a bit.

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