I've cracked the screen ( LCD Mask ) on my m200 3 times.

  1. me leaning on the screen too hard but its a tablet pc...
  2. second time i dropped it ( i think )
  3. due to attempted theft.
Sucks because each time it was in getting fixed up to 3 months a piece, never use Triage UK in Newport.
So, 70 days is not that bad being in for fixing. I don't know how long i've owned this machine, I was one of the first batch i think. but having not used it for 7 to 9 months since i've had it bad.

I will not be buying another Toshiba anyway...

Oh yeah, another thing. they took off the black triangles covering screws ( i dont know why ) to get off my lcd mask. i paid MYSELF for replacements albeit they are only 5p. but they didnt come. i phoned up numerous times why they have not come and they said, "it's only for looks, dont worry <click>". I still PAID for these parts if they are cheap/only for looks.