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    I think we need to do a whole series of things on DRM. Microsoft (er, us) haven't done a good job of explaining DRM. Let's wait on that one until I can get someone who really knows it well and get them on video. It's not like Longhorn's coming out tomorrow anyway.

    Will the UI theme be locked down? What, Microsoft lock something down? Wink

    Seriously, that's still being worked on. What would you like to see? Translation: the Aero interface is damn beautiful, you think you could do better? I wanna see it!

    Games? Oh baby, give me my games! That's still being worked on. We have an interview coming up with the games division. Gotta put that on the list of questions to ask.

    Will there be a "home edition" of Longhorn? I don't know, but I just got a demo of Windows Media Center 2005 and, damn, did that look awesome! I am going to give away my Tivo by the end of the year. Want it?

    Translation: there will be some sort of Longhorn aimed at home users. Can't say what the product line will look like yet (the marketing guys will hang me from the flagpole if I try to announce anything here).

    More on WinFS coming. Had a great interview with Samuel Druker today. I'd rather let him answer that. I'm just a lowly weblogger, might as well hear it from a guy who really knows what he's talking about. Coming in a couple of weeks.