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Wanna help make WinFX Great?

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    Via Brad Abrams, CLR Architect Extroidinaire at Microsoft:

    We have a once in a decade opportunity with WinFX to build the platform that applications for the next 10+ years will be built on.  We have tons of things we need to get right the first time with WinFX.  The CLR team looking for someone with 5+ years experience in the industry ideally with deep experience in managed code and\or platform level programming that can help lead the charge for a consistent, usable, performant APIs for WinFX.  The position includes massive cross group collaboration and requires someone that can work well with architects across the company, and can come up to speed quickly on deeply technical issues.  See the job posting for more details… 



    If you are interested, please contact me or submit your resume.  

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