Nitz Walsh wrote:

Peter Gurevich [MS] wrote: Sakisp, thanks for the feedback. 

We have been really focusing on improving the scrolling expereince in IE7.  We have made a lot of recent fixes that have dramatically improved the scrolling performance.   I am not seeing the scrolling issues you must be seeing.  Can you provide some specific examples?  We want to make IE the fastest browsing expereinc out there and would really appreociate any assistance you can provide.


Peter Gurevich
IE Performance PM

That's good to hear Peter - want to know when you've got it "fast enough"?

Load up Opera.  Go to  Click the middle mouse button to get the free-scoll icon, and move the mouse up and down to scroll the page quickly.

Now do the same with IE7.  See the difference?

Are you running XP or Vista?