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    Nitz Walsh wrote:
    Load up Opera.  Go to  Click the middle mouse button to get the free-scoll icon, and move the mouse up and down to scroll the page quickly.

    Now do the same with IE7.  See the difference?

    That's exactly what I meant. I can see the same difference when comparing IE6 and IE7 with many different webpages, even text-only.
    IE7 rendering is indubitable fast but scrolling is choppy and much slower than IE6 (or other browser). It is very noticable with long text only formated pages, like IEblog long posts, W3C documentation pages, google groups etc.
    All testing done with fast video cards (ATI X800xt, X1800xt) and resolution 1600x1200x32bit (maximized IE6/7 window).

    Peter Gurevich [MS] wrote:
    We want to make IE the fastest browsing expereinc out there and would really appreociate any assistance you can provide.

    I really hope so Peter, IE used to be very fast and IMHO, browsing performance is much more preferable than a nice looking UI or a bunch of new features.