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    Nitz Walsh

    UnoriginalGuy wrote:

    I can go up and down the page in just under three seconds using IE 7 beta 3.

    Well, of course - any browser could do it that amount of time, "speed" really isn't the issue here, it's smoothness.  IE will be choppy on that page, Opera scrolls as smoothly as a videogame.

    It's not a huge issue of course, heck it's not really an "issue" per-se - just that Opera is sublime in this aspect and it would be nice for IE7 to match it.

    Edit: Actually, I tried it again, and the problem with the choppiness (at least on and others, depends on the content) is that it makes it difficult to use free-scroll to accurately go to a point on the page quicky.  With IE7, you can start scrolling quite smoothly as long as you start out slow, but as you ramp up the speed it quickly *lurches* - there's not enough intermediate steps between speeds, and the choppiness at the higher speeds makes it even more difficult.