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IE7 slow scrolling

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    im sure many people would swear by those "fiddly geek things". Evidently you have no use for them, but please, dont bother insulting the people who do. I do, however i use geek as a badge of pride (not really).

    If Blackberrys are addictive cellphones, Channel9 is the ultimate addictive website.
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    PaoloM wrote:
    DiabloNY wrote: 
    PaoloM wrote: 
    DiabloNY wrote: The IE team has had a long-enough time to fix this issue. 

    The IE team will put a fix for this issue out probably in the SP1 or IE8 timeframe.

    Stop bumping this thread, as it will not expedite any kind of resolution this way.
    DiabloNY wrote: If we keep this thread active and keep discussing the issue, there's a possibility that someone talented might be able to solve (or at least find the cause of) this problem.

    Are you implying that nobody "talented" took a look at this?


    So why did you say

    there's a possibility that someone talented might be able to solve (or at least find the cause of) this problem.

    One last time: the bug is filed. It will be fixed when there's time to fix it. A fix will be released when it's time to ship fixes.


    I didn't imply, nor say, that those who looked at this problem are not talented.

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    BobTurbo wrote:
    Firefox looks like ancient software compared to IE7. The IE team did a great job.

    I wouldn't say that IE team did great job. It's the Firefox developers who did much worst. Wink
    In any case, IE7 is still the best in terms of stability although it lacks many features found in both FF and Opera.

    PS (@PaoloM):  I have a high degree of respect for all MS developers. However I still wonder how all these talented people, didn't notice IE7 slowness before finalizing the code ...

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    sakisp wrote:
    In any case, IE7 is still the best in terms of stability although it lacks many features found in both FF and Opera.

    Solution: and
    Most of the features that power users love so much about Fx and Opera are not things that my mother would not use and never understand.

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    "The IE team will put a fix for this issue out probably in the SP1 or IE8 timeframe."

    I sure as hell hope it this slow scrolling does get fixed, I'm a web dev and wanting to use transparent png files on websites can add a nice touch, but the scroll speed in IE7 just kills that idea off most the time, depending on how much area the png covers, FF seems to handle transparent png's a little better, but FF sucks without a ton of strap on extensions.

    Also you think them IE team guys could also include a better looking image icon for the MMB scroll whenever this next IE release comes out...(hmm I wonder if FF3 will be out before it?) ..The current one looks rubbish, what with its jaggy pixel circle.. I mean take a look at the transparent one used Firefox, at least do something like that, its a cosmetic thing, but as maxthon still uses this engine I still see it.. did I say it looks ugly?

    Solution: and">

    Much better solution:

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    Ucsbguy wrote:

    Hmm, never liked the add ins idea and my experience from most, if not all extensions, is very very negative.

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    sakisp wrote:
    Ucsbguy wrote: Solution: and">

    Hmm, never liked the add ins idea and my experience from most, if not all extensions, is very very negative.

    I agree.

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    sakisp wrote:
    saurus wrote:
    ...i too find it very very jerky and slow on certain webpages and it is the only thing that puts me off using IE7 as my future browser

    Seems that isn't fixed in IE7 final. It is the widget styling that cause this slow rendering when scrolling. Not only slows down scrolling speed but also uses a lot of CPU resources, especially when pages contain many buttons, input boxes etc.

    Try to disable visual styles (Internet Options - Advanced - Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in webpages). I did that and IE7 scrolling performance is equal to IE6.

    I wonder what IE7 developers have changed to styling code and made it so slow. Maybe optimized it for Vista?

    Disabling Visual Styles helps a bit, but I really can't understand why IE 7 has to eat all CPU-cycles just to scroll when IE 6 didn't?

    I have never tried making a web-browser, but I can't help wondering how this is done?  Isn't possible to just render more than the visible part that is in the window right now in a "superbitmap" and when the user scroll just show another part of that superbitmap?  Of course that wouldn't work on very long and/or wide web-pages, but it could be done bit by bit while the user is scrolling.

    The way it works now I assume the rendering is done "on-the-fly" while the user is scrolling?  Which would lead to a lot of work being done over and over again every time the webpage is moved a bit.

    Playing with figures, a screen resolution of 1024x768x3 (24-bit color) would take 2,25 Mb of memory (uncompressed bitmap, that is).  If one would make a superbitmap five times that, it's a little more than 11 Mb.  That nothing to what IE 7 already uses!  And I think most people (having 1GB or more in all new machines) would at least appreciate the possibility to choose more memory consumption for less CPU consumption!

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    Prefix: Next build - you guys need to make it easy to copy & paste the build number from the about page in IE7 Smiley

    IE7 build 7.0.6000.016448 - Vista Ultimate 32bit, 2gig ram, fast processor.

    This page is slow & jerky:

    Any comment pages from my own site:

    In addition, it takes a noticable amount of time to activate the tab these are loaded into.  I'll be watching this thread, but is there a work around?  Is there a something I could do with CSS / Javascript to stop this?

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    Had the same problem and it was my Video Card Driver.


    Go to Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Display Adapters  If you have the Yellow Question Mark then Install the Drivers for the Vid Card.  Or, cheack for an update and then uninstall and reinstall the driver.

    Worked PERFECTLY for me. 

    Running XP SP2 & IE7

    The choppy scroll WAS driving me nuts as well.

    Hope this works for ya'll

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    Hi, i am a developer and I've been experiencing the slow scroll problem.

    Can yo be more specific about the "fill" problem??


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    Hi guys,

    I'm quite shocked by the attitude of some. "Don't bump the thread" or "Wait until Microsoft releases a patch". Why bother using a forum if that's all of the help you're going to be? Moreover, why be a web developer if you're going to wait for everything to be fixed for you?

    Anyway, enough of that little rant...

    I came across this thread earlier, having stumbled across the same IE7 bug. A little reading around and experimenting and I've come up with a possible solution. It won't work all of the time, but it may help some people around the bug (even prior to MS's imminent fix Wink ) -

    The problem came up on a site I didn't write, so I had to dig around. I found that the offending css was a single line calling a background image, and that said image was 1 by 2 pixels. Opened it in Photoshop and found it was empty - ok, so its a single transparency level png.

    I didn't experience the 100% CPU usage described above, but I wondered why a single image would make so much of a difference to the redraw speed. My answer was confirmed when I enlarged the image.

    The cause of the slow redraws appears to be the number of times the bg image tiles, so if possible, make your bg images larger. I went up to 1000*1000px and on a page with about 10 folds, my redraws are now instantaneous.

    Hope this helps someone, and sorry if I've stepped on any toes Smiley


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    I was experiencing the same problem with IE7 and the very slow scrolling issue on XP Home.  Example...when you tried to use the scroll wheel on the mouse, it would scroll 1 pixel at a time for 3 to 4 lines then jump an entire page.  Same thing happened with the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.

    I went to Microsoft's website, and found a patch that was made for SP2 and SP3 to update the browser and it did fix it.  However, next time my Live Update came on, it overwrote that fix, because the update was newer than the patch.

    So after getting a little frustrtaed, I Googled the issue, and came up with the issue. It was the new SP3 Phishing Filter issue.  Microsoft has an update that eliminates the problem and doesn't make the live update want to overwrite.

    Here is the brief overview of the patch from Microsoft:


    This update resolves a performance issue with the Phishing Filter. When visiting certain web pages, the Phishing Filter may increase CPU usage while evaluating the page contents and the system may become slow to respond. This problem occurs on pages that contain multiple frames or when multiple frame navigations occur quickly. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

    Go to:

    I hope this helps!  Smiley

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