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    UPDATE 2008 - This thread is 2+ years old. It was revived by another niner. No need to "discuss" this topic.

    --Update-- This thread deals with White-space, not tables.

    Over the years I have been using IE as my primary browser, simply because of it's popularity, and ease of I'm getting sick of it.

    I'll just bring in one suspect today, IE and table-rendering.

    Did you know that

    <td width="192" height="307"><img src="hi.jpg" width="192" height="307" /></td>

    is different than

    <td width="192" height="307">
           $var = "hi";
           print "<img src=$var.".jpg" width=\"192\" height=\"307\" />";

    ...Yes, they are both treated differently. The second will throw the parent <td> dimensions out of whack.

    Do you know how I have to write the second in order for it to render properly?

    I have to put ALL OF THE CODE in a single line! So it becomes this:

    <td width="192" height="307"><?php $var = "hi"; print "<img src=$var.".jpg" width=\"192\" height=\"307\" />"; ?></td>

    Annoyingly hard to read? I know, and that's how my source-code has to look in order for IE to properly render a <td><img></td> with fixed widths in both elements.

    So, where do I file my complaint for IE to get 'fixed' so I can actually have some source-formatting in my code? Smiley

    Jonathan Sampson