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View Thread: Do X, and the C9 Interviews will be better.
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    jsampsonPC wrote:
    HumanCompiler wrote:

    That's almost exactly what I've been brainstorming over the last week.  We're still thinking about this.  Hopefully we can come up with something that would make it so we still don't really have to do any editing and isn't a ton of equipment to have to carry around.  We'll let you know if we figure something out.

    Does anybody else want a HumanCompiler plush-toy for their desk? Doesn't it seem as though HumanCompiler always takes away our frustrations, and generally makes the world a better place?

    If only he came in a plush exterior that we could keep near-by always.

    Is there a blushing smilie?  Tongue Out

    (i see one with red cheeks, but he looks more ashamed than anything)