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View Thread: Do X, and the C9 Interviews will be better.
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    Ang3lFir3 wrote:
    While I agree that often times its nearly impossible to see the interviewee's screen to follow along.... I have to disagree with adding screen casts to the vid.... one of c9 vid's most notable properties is that they are (for the most part) un-edited...

    However, I think it would be beneficial if said interviewee's could post screen casts to coincide with the videos in each video thread... for the most part you are going to want to replay the screen cast itself more than the video anyways.....

    and wats with the ";"  Mr? us VB guys gotta represent. (*turns hat back around*)

    Forgive my lust for semicolons Smiley I'm transitioning from PHP to VB.NET Smiley