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View Thread: Do X, and the C9 Interviews will be better.
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    If every computer on campus were the same, this might be workable. Most computer cards don't have Svideo out. Certainly none of the laptop/Tablet ones do.

    I wish such a magic solution existed, but, alas, none do.

    It's not just my opinion. Believe me we've brainstormed about this.

    The magic of channel 9 is its spontaneity and the low-fear factor that the participants have. If someone started messing with my computer my fear factor would go up by a factor of 10. Especially if I was expected to give you a demo. Would it work after loading some software or doing something else weird to the computer? I wouldn't know until I tried the demo again.

    And, many of the "screen capture" softwares require changing the resolution of the output (ever seen output of a 1900x1200 screen played back at 320x240? I have and you can't read it). So, a panning and zooming camera will do a lot better.

    And, Charles is right. The Sony that he has is WAY better at zooming in on the screen.

    As for my participation. I told you you won't be able to get rid of me. Bwwwaaahhhhaaahhhhaaaaa.