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Do X, and the C9 Interviews will be better.

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    If every computer on campus were the same, this might be workable. Most computer cards don't have Svideo out. Certainly none of the laptop/Tablet ones do.

    I wish such a magic solution existed, but, alas, none do.

    It's not just my opinion. Believe me we've brainstormed about this.

    The magic of channel 9 is its spontaneity and the low-fear factor that the participants have. If someone started messing with my computer my fear factor would go up by a factor of 10. Especially if I was expected to give you a demo. Would it work after loading some software or doing something else weird to the computer? I wouldn't know until I tried the demo again.

    And, many of the "screen capture" softwares require changing the resolution of the output (ever seen output of a 1900x1200 screen played back at 320x240? I have and you can't read it). So, a panning and zooming camera will do a lot better.

    And, Charles is right. The Sony that he has is WAY better at zooming in on the screen.

    As for my participation. I told you you won't be able to get rid of me. Bwwwaaahhhhaaahhhhaaaaa.

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    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Excellent point; Some videos don't need anything like this (ie Scobles video). However, some of them woudl benefit greatly by using a screen-capture option.

    That one could have used a phone-audio capture. Just to see what the hell his wife wanted that was so important.....hehe Tongue Out

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    I really do think that some method to better capture the screen when its relevant to the video would be very nice.  The laid back spontanous nature of C9 would not be devastated if we niners were actually able to see what was being talked about on the screen.  Although I think that many, perhaps most, 9 videos don't require this in any event.  But when they do, nothing "takes me out" of the video faster than not being able to see what is on the blasted screen.  I'm holding out hope that Charles newfound uber-cam is the solution, but if not, put in my vote for some sort of screen capture!


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    The title is officially changed.

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