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Request for Opinions on Backpack-style Laptop Bags...

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    I'm in the market for a new laptop bag, and I'm thinking that I want to get a backpack-style bag this time around. It needs to have room for a Dell Inspiron 5100 series (medium sized notebook) in addition to two or three decent sized textbooks.  Anyone out there have some good suggestions?

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    The best thing to do would be to find a good quality daypack on sale. Once a company puts the title “Laptop” on a bag the price goes up. You can spend $800 for an exclusive Laptop bag, or you can pick one up for free at a conference (I don’t even know how many I have). You could try ebay, so many are given away at conferences they must be ending up there.   Or you could glue wheals on that Dell and use it as a skateboard…

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    LOL eagle skateboard...

    My suggestion would be to find a good chiropractor, because after two years of schlepping around that Dell plus three decent-sized textbooks, you're gonna need one...

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    (hopefully these links work)

    I just purchased this combo-bag from LL Bean. It's able to carry a good sized laptop (I've got an old Toshiba, thing weighs like 15 lbs or something), "Code Complete v1", "Object Thinking" and the GOF's "Design Patterns" book. including the power supply and a small usb mouse. The bottom compartment holds my bike clothes or any workout clothes I've got that day.  Plenty of zip pockets and mesh pockets for pens, Palm Pilot, USB drives, etc... It has a padded sleeve with a strap for the laptop. The big plus for me is the fact that it can be converted into a backpack or a messenger bag. That way I can put it on my back when I bike/walk to work and sling it over my shoulder going to meetings or schlepping around downtown.

    I also looked at this one, it's almost the same as the first one but it's smaller.

    I'm loyal to LL Bean because I've found their products to be almost indestructable. I bought a flexible briefcase from them before I went to college back in '90, used it all through college and work up until I bought the new one, and it still looks new.

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    Alex Keizer

    A couple of weeks ago the guys from DNR spoke about laptop-bags. This was the one everyone seemed to want.

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    Onions: should I buy cooking onions? or red onions?
    you make me wanna cryyyyyyy

    to poster: put your laptop in a garbage bag -it will keep it safe and dry.

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    You didn't say how much you have to spend or how big of a hurry you're in but if you've got some time and a limited budget I highly recommend a trip to eBay before you buy anything.  There's usually a pretty good selection of bags there and they can usually be bought for very little money.

    As for a recommendation, I have a Belkin bag that I really like. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the paperwork with it anymore so I'll tell you want I like about the bag since I don't know the model numbers.  It has:

      - nicely padded straps
      - lots of conveneintly placed pockets - they make grabbing a pen or cellphone easy
      - two completely seperate compartments - one for the laptop and another for my books.  This makes it easy to remove either the laptop or my books but doesn't require that I remove both to get one or the other.  Most of the "bookbags that hold laptops" just have a padded divider in the main compartment.
      - a well placed pocket for my a/c adapter
      - a top mounted handle
      - although I've never submerged the bag it has kept everything inside of it dry even in the worst of rainstorms (I park a good ways off and sometimes get caught in the elements)
       - a design that allowed me to cut off the waist straps without hurting the bag. I think waist straps totally suck but to each thier own.
       - It has a low key appearance.  Some might even call it boring. 

    Good luck with your purchase. Let us know what you finally pick out.

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    I ended up buying a Targus T-Lite Deluxe.

    Plenty of room for my Laptop, about 3 textbooks, and some odds and ends (power, network cable, pens, etc.) and only $40.96 plus shipping from CDW.

    And yes, it is _very_ heavy when loaded down. I'll probably limit the books I carry whenever possible, but it's still better than my old method of carrying two briefcase-style bags (one for the laptop, one for the books).

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