CannotResolveSymbol wrote:

nachbar wrote:

I am having the same thing on my website:

I have a 32 x 32 favicon.ico in the root (  I also tried adding the link tags, and have tried several versions without success.  My IE7 shows other sites' favicons (including channel 9) in the address bar.  I have also tried turning off IE add-ons, and have tried deleting my temporary internet files

I get the favicon saved when I save the site as a favorite in IE6 (that is true even the main site, at, which doesn't have any link tags).  However, with IE7 I neither get the favicon saved with a favorite nor get the favicon in the address bar.

Any ideas?

Your favicon displays fine in IE7 here:

Image Hosted by

I too can see the sites icon in IE7.

Shreyas Zare