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Anyone Subscribing to Visual Studio Magazine?

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    I'm wondering if anyone else out there subscribes to Visual Studio Magazine--- and more importantly do you have problems getting the subscription?

    My Story:
    I subscribed for 1 year in Oct 2005.  I was sent my October issue, then nothing... until Janurary 2006.  In truth, I'd forgot I subscribed until the Janurary issue showed up, at which point I submitted a complaint via the customer service form on the web site.

    They rather promptly responded (about 3 days later) and gave the typical apology and claimed they'd extend my subscription 3 months without charge.

    My Feb 2006 copy arrived without a problem.   And that was that last time an Issue arrived without me having to email and request they send it... and as of this writing, I still have not received the June issue.

    I suppose I only wonder if my subscription is the norm for VSM or the "Special" case.

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    To be honest, when compared with other periodicals like MSDN magainzine and CODE Magazine, not to mention all the on-line contect available for free, I see little in VS Magazine that warrents my time.

    We have a copy in our restroom here. All the code samples seem to be in VB.NET. Also, the magazine seems to be kind of thin, and has too many ads for me.

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    Thanks for the response-

    I would certainly agree with your assessment -

    Coupled with my delivery problems, I won't be renewing the subscription to be sure-

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    No problems getting it. Was getting for free since VSLive! SF.

    Agree its thin... too many ads...
    I'm a VB dev (by choice) so no problem there tho it doesn't really matter what language its in.

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