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something you will only do once

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    Whether you are developing or designing you are bound to do something so dumb you know you will do it ever again. This happened to me this morning when dealing with another region besides the US. I sent an application to Germany that had dates hard coded to : '01/01/2099' for testing. Well I get an email this morning and they were not able to run anything because this cascaded errors downstream. So my lesson? Whenever doing an application for another country GET THEIR FORMATS!

    So what mistake have you made in the past that you know you would never do again?

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    Putting the wrong kind of soap in the dishwasher. Bubbles!

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    Not very proud of this one, but it did happen to me 6 years ago.

    I was Tunneled into a production Oracle Server, but I thought I was tunneled into the Dev Server. Well, I dropped a main table that drives and within 2 minutes ppl were screaming. Expressionless

    Boy, I sure am careful to know which environment I am tunneled into now!

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    One day I was doing some testing and changed the time on my PC to change the time on an application. I went to an offsite and came back, looked at my computer and seen the time was 5:00. Figuring it was time to go home I clocked out and was really 12:00

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    I once had a friend who said he knew how to do basic plumbing work. My toilet was acting up, and so he offered to fix it.

    Reluctantly, I agreed.

    He replaced some parts inside the tank (the float ball and other things) and also muttered something after turning the water back on to the house (he was fixing some other plumbling issues also).

    Then, he tried one faucet and declared everything to be okay.

    A half hour later a bunch of parts blew apart in the toilet tank.

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