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View Thread: Any Niners in Orlando?
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    Daniel Moth wrote:

    a) We went into this shop/restaurant and realised after sitting down that it did not serve any alcohol whatsoever! Wot's up with that?

    b) We swiftly made an exit and went a bit further up accross the road to an italian place (UNO I think) and had a nice pint but the steak they brought out was burnt <strike>cooked</strike> to death. Is that the rule or the exception?

    a) That's a surprise. Alcohol seems to be one of the major pastimes around here. Drunk driving seems to be the other.

    b) Well, you ordered steak at a place called, "Pizzeria UNO". Nuff said. Smiley

    Daytona's a lot of fun when there's an event going on (Bike Week, Spring Break, etc). Otherwise, it's just a beach town with a slow pace of life. There's not a lot of technology companies here, and most of the industries are still blue-collar.

    I moved here from Ft. Lauderdale, and I definitely prefer the nightlife in Orlando. I'm hoping to relocate one of these days.

    The beach is actually pretty nice here. It's much better than Ft. Lauderdale's, but that's probably because it's one of the main draws for the town. You can even drive your car on the beach (one of the only places in the country you're allowed.)

    Next time you're in town, try these venues:

    Carribean Jack's Restaurant (Bistro)
    Located on Beach St, off the intercoastal.
    Nice place to eat/relax.

    Chi-Lings Restaurant (Sushi/Japanese)
    Located on Ridgewood and Dunlawton
    Great food.

    Martini's on the Bay Restaurant (Upscale, varies daily)
    Located on Beach Street.
    Chef changes the menu constantly, upscale atmosphere, awesome food.

    Chart House Restaurant (Steak)

    Ocean Walk Complex (Entertainment)
    Off of A1A
    Complex contains several restaurants, bars, a movie theater, and other shops. There is also a water park with video games, go-carts, mini-golf, and laser tag across the street.

    SeaBreaze & A1A (Entertainment)
    This is where a majority of the nightclubs are located.

    Next time you come over, let me know and I'll show you some of the hot spots.