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View Thread: Any Niners in Orlando?
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    Daniel Moth wrote:
    Shagate wrote: I'm right around the corner in Daytona Beach (~40 min).

    I am here in Orlando for MGX too[1] and yesterday took a trip to Daytona Beach... well, the bit of road next to the dog and race tracks. Two comments:
    a) We went into this shop/restaurant and realised after sitting down that it did not serve any alcohol whatsoever! Wot's up with that?
    b) We swiftly made an exit and went a bit further up accross the road to an italian place (UNO I think) and had a nice pint but the steak they brought out was burnt <strike>cooked</strike> to death. Is that the rule or the exception?

    Not impressed with my brief Daytona visit... is the beach worth it for a return trip?


    Hi, I'm from California, moved to the tampa area about 5 going on 6 years back.

    Might have been Cuban perhaps??

    Cuban's like to make sandwiches with bread that's been toasted and mashed -- kinda dry Smiley

    also some folks in FL think it's part of the bible belt -- no booz etc... but most eating places have drinks.