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View Thread: Logo Design; Your thoughts?
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    Larsenal wrote:
    Print it out in greyscale and squint your eyes.  Can you read it?  That'll help you tell whether you need more contrast for readability.

    Maybe you could put the glow behind the "SHINE."

    I printed it out in grayscale, squinted, and saw "Shine" just fine. I didn't know about this trick Smiley Thanks for pointing it out. I also moved the aura behind the text, which looked funny. So I tried a semi-opaque mask from the front, looked funny. The way it is now gives the effect that the text is glowing..which is kinda what I want...

    Hmm...I dunno. I haven't really put this much effort into a photoshop project for sometime now Smiley Takes me back to old times!