verilizerz wrote:
can anybody help me??
my dos disk missing.. ive been searching for whole day to find my dos file .. where can i get it?? already dl from but it just the bootdisk.. i want dos 6.22 disk.. the setup one.. please help me.. this is my email.. until now, i only got boot disk.. not the (3) installer disk.. pleasee..

1) 21st Century???

Wasn't 6.22 the DOS bundled with Windows 3.1?

2) It took me 10 seconds to find a tracker with a MSDOS 6.22 torrent on Google. If your really that desperate there are ways, even if they arent legal.

Hopefully you wont try to install it because suddenly your 100+ GB HDD is now a 2 GB drive under the Fat 16 filesystem.