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Click Once - Is the world ready

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    Andrew Webber FX

    Has anyone been sharing my problems with large companies\customers in shipping click once applications due to IT policies (Firewalls\Proxy Servers).

    Windows Vista (XBAP and .deploy applications) is really empowered in my oppinon by this model; safe client side code. Will this restrict the revolution for vista if IT staff lock down this model even if companies eventually upgrade to vista?

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    Corp IT folks tend to be *VERY* concered with any kind of code coming into the office from outside.

    they tend to like to test any new update and then deploy it thru SMS or other roll-out methods.

    for them the best thing is to have a setup where you publish a copy of the app to IT and then let them deploy it.

    for example you can zip up the click-once files you put on an ftp or http server and give them to IT they could deploy the files from an in-house server to the clients (with proper settings in click-once )

    or just build msi's for them to use SMS deploys.

    I think in some cases you may be able to get them to internet download but not often.

    it may help if you use https and a private cert. with them... so that they can know that the files are really coming from your server etc...

    but yeah I think this can be a PIA.

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    BTW also a "Classic" case was a new update breaking a LOB app.

    we and MSFT need to prove to the IT folks that a .net app can update and no break any other app.... if it's not munging with com bits on the systems it runs on.

    it's all about building a better rep for:


    and helping IT folks who may not understand what .net is and how it works....

    things like showing them tools like reflector, ildasm, the config files
    and so on.... so that they can learn how a .net app is more "manageable" for them.

    I have sent an app to a large client and had to walk thru it with an IT guy, the first go took a month, the first update took them a week, now they drop an update the next day on the client pc.

    they have learned how it works and how I made it possible for them to track what it does etc....

    still no outside updates.... but now I can send themn a new .exe when they need one.

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