W3bbo wrote:
Let me guess:

  • Amazing build quality, but crippled with bundleware
  • 1 year warranty, but you're out in the cold after that
  • Cheap support numbers, but a mandatory 3-levels of support until you get to people who know things (makes sense considering all the idiots who buy Sony)
  • Good brand name, made up for with the exorborant price tag
  • Good advertising, making up underpowered components
Go figure
Total agreement with you!

Sony took the bad ideas wrong page out of the old IBM playbook(PCjr, MicroChannel Architecture, Token-Ring), and now uses it as a gospel: Memory Stick, Mini Disc, UMD are some jacked-up devices that come to mind.

While the devices/technologies may have some merit, licensing did not, hense their being stillborn.