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Names for computers/devices

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    What kind of original names do you guys give to computers and devices? I mean the name you assign to a computer in a network. When I was in college, the servers were given names of scientists, like Einstein and Newton.

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    My computers at work right now have unimaginative serial-number names, unfortunately. At home I have Infidel and Apostate, while at my old job we had a somewhat celestial theme - W2K-Supernova, W2k-Stardust (that was mine) and W2k-Kpax (on the claims that he was an alien, and thus related to the stars, or whatever. I never approved. Smiley).

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    I generally assign a location and type in the network name






    our school uses a purely number based system , e.g. PC159, and have a big map of where all the PC's are.

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    My computer name is HH8R9EOZE0A1C3H ... now, the next Noble award winning scientist will be called HH8R9EOZE0A1C3H ! Tongue Out Wink

    Shreyas Zare

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    in the house i have

    puck, oberon, titania and theseus.

    and (lexmark, gateway and xbox, heh)

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    Well, at home I usually use the name of the room the computer is in + "COMPUTER" or a slight variation on that.

    When I worked in the local university they had a naming system which was like this:




    Would be:

    Computer 123 in the Geography department.

    At my school they have a slightly more elaborate system which is like this:

    ROOM + "-" + MAKE + "-PC" + NUMBER



    Would be:

    Computer 12 sold as a Dell, in the room M4.

    I prefer the way the university does it.

    Angus Higgins

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    Our architect is a marine biologist by trade, so he names them after whales.

    I prefer connecting by IP address since I can never remember the correct spelling of Delphinidae.

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    I really only have a unique name for my home network, which is "BigBekly"...I'm using Belkin technology with a rather quick internet connection - hence the name, BigBelky:)

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    Matrix, Exorcist, Omen, Poltergiest, Stand, Hostel, Saw.

    My router/firewall is of course "Seraph" Smiley

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    I use names of animals like: rabbit, armadillo, squirrel, aardvark...

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    I use the names of space missions.Smiley

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    Ion Todirel

    mine its called "eclipse", that my nick/id or something, anyway my university use this system: faculty + lab nr. + pc number.

    yman wrote:
    I use Microsoft codenames for mine Smiley
    odd. Names from Star Trek Tongue Out

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    I use the processor name, machine model, or primary application as the name for the machine.

    My desktop's name is xeon for the processor, server is hercules since I primarily use it to run the Hercules mainframe emulator, laptop is called x60 since it's a ThinkPad X60, AlphaStation is called alpha, RS/6000 is called aix (slightly breaking the rules).

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    shorter the better

    edit - Norm my friend where the paintings got printed used to call his network shares curly,larry, moe, harpo etc... it was the 3 stooges trying to no what machine was what.

    so he swithed it to p3   p4  p42  and it was just as confusing

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    Cartoon or comic book characters for the office.

    For home I just make up whatever, things that resonate well with me are video game characters, Norse mythology, or whatever.

    So I have Rexorg (made up evil sounding name), Mjolnir (the hammer of Thor I believe), Deimos and Phobos (the moons of Mars, a reference to Doom video games), Denton, etc etc.

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    At work.. we name them after sports cars... (yeah original i know)...

    At home... I name it usually with the owners nic and its purpose...

    Ang3lFir3_Vista (that one's special or summin)

    Same goes for the gf's machines.....

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    my webserver is named SPIDERMAN and one other server is is HAL-9000

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