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Names for computers/devices

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    i use the names of muppets..

    fozzy, gonzo, kermit, thog, waldorf Smiley

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    At work in our lab we have dwarfs...

    Sneezy, Doppy, Doc, etc. etc...

    On our domain we have Position/Country/State/Building/Workstation Number


    and such...

    at home it's WEB_SERVER, moms_laptop, dads_laptop, kids_mac

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    At home my machines are all named after Disney characters, Goofy, Pluto, Nala, Mufasa etc. The main server when that finally gets set up is going to be Walt and my wifi AP is called Tinkerbell (coz she floats around spreading her magic).

    At work its rather dull, users FirstNameLastName (LukeSmith) and the servers all names of its use.

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    For a while at work we used this scheme to name machines

    Servers: Planets
    Desktops: Moons
    Laptops: Comets

    Then we started to run out of names, a few like Yavin and Vulcan crept in but now I just use <username>-<type>-<number>.

    My home network is named after people, places and things from arthurian legend.

    My favourite though has to be the name of the routers on my Uni's core backbone (was token ring), they were all named after The Magic Roundabout Smiley

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    At home my computers are part of the "simpsons" workgroup. I am currently on Homer (the big fat desktop) and Maggie (my small laptop) sits downstairs.

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    Ah. So all the c9 luminaries are obviously designing and deploying end to end solutions in 'enterprise' orgs then. At least that's what I would assume from their posts.

    None of the aforementioned naming conventions would last more than a few days in an org such as a bank, a telco, or a government department.

    Hold the flames - I'm not saying they are bad conventions; I'm just responding to the frequent posters who are saying "at work I use" (days of the week/top 10 albums/colors in the rainbow) etc. These are the same guys who self appoint themselves on c9 as authorities on the IT world. Nuff said.

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    Matthew van Eerde

    At Microsoft all my computer names are of the form
    (my alias) - (suffix)

    The use of my alias precludes collisions with other people's machines, and the suffix is from one to four letters.

    At my last job, which I was naming servers, I went through two phases.

    Originally I named the servers after what they did - things like "MAIL", "WEB", "PRINT" etc.

    Then I ran into a problem - moving functionality from one server to another made the names misleading, and it's a bit of a pain to rename a server.

    So in my second phase, I named all the Linux servers after members of the Brady Bunch, and all the Windows servers after members of the Partridge Family.

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    My systems are named after fruits: E.g. Mango, Pineapple, Guava. The intention is to keep the names neutral but easy to remember.

    A previous employer named their servers Company-function. This soon got confusing where servers took on multiple functions, or roles were moved. The workstations were WKS-ABCD, where the ABCD was the last four characters from the system's serial number (on the label on the case). This was neutral, but the names were difficult to remember.

    My university named their Computer Science servers after birds of prey. Their Windows servers were named after British castles.

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    For business we have a pretty standard naming convention for our servers. But for our workstations we use all kinds of names.

    For those we live in the Netherlands: Know Truus the hamster from albert heijn? My notebook is named that.

    We have all kinds of names: Brutus, Flores-Jan, Broedertje you name it. We even have Kraakpand (A building that has been claimed by people who live in it illegaly Tongue Out)

    The last name comes from the fact that the computer only has the metal frame left without any of the covers.

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    Deactivated User

    In the lab were I used to work they were called after volcanoes (it was a geophysics lab). All names were 4 or 5 letters long (popo, dobu, etna, etc.) so they were easy to type, which is handy in the UNIX world.

    Where I work now PCs have horrible names based on some weird asset tags: AAAAAXXXXXXX (where A is a letter and X a number), which makes it impossible to remember! Work stations have random names (asterix, obelix, china, achille, etc.) which also makes it a little hard to type and you can never remember which work station does what.

    I guess the volcanoe schema was the best one!

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    We used to name our systems after Simpson's characters until some busybody marketroid decided that we shouldn't be calling our SQL Server "Krusty".


    <internal monologue>Sell stuff and mind your own business.</internal monologue>

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    At home, my router is named PinkFloyd.
    The computers and devices are named after members of the band.
    I would like to come up with something more original though.

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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter

    Red5 wrote:
    At home, my router is named PinkFloyd.
    The computers and devices are named after members of the band.
    I would like to come up with something more original though.
    Let's hope you don't have a Syd Barrett wireless hub...or do you?


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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    Red5 wrote: At home, my router is named PinkFloyd.
    The computers and devices are named after members of the band.
    I would like to come up with something more original though.
    Let's hope you don't have a Syd Barrett wireless hub...or do you?

    No, but he's next on the list of future devices

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    Jason Cox

    My names are simple, it's the name of the user and then the purpose of the box, ex: JasonXP, JasonVista, JasonServer, JasonLonghorn, etc.

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    My Mac: Allison, Taylor
    PC: Kristi, preceeded by Kelsey

    An old friend got me naming computers and such after girls. Kinda went with it, I like the nicer sounding names rather than things like Watermelon and MOX4562-5465NINERZERO.

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    Sven Groot

    Most of the servers at my University are named after metals: titanium, zirconium, plutonium, tin, etc. There are a few exceptions, such as zeus and beast (beast is a big Solaris server with 4GB RAM, truly a beast back when they bought it over six years ago).

    Some have aliases based on their function, e.g. zeus is also called mail, tin is also called ssh.

    The workstations are all named "pc<room-number><letter>", e.g. "pc305c", nice and simple.

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    Lord of the Rings characters of course Smiley

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