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View Thread: Looking for an old Windows 95 game
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    s_jetha wrote:
    Hi Jorgie.

    I had only half-read the first sentence, and I already knew what you were talking about.
    The game's name was Endorfun, and I remember the hype around the fact that the music had some sort of subliminal messaging in it.

    Exactly. As soon as I read 'rolling cube on grid' I knew it was going to be about Endorfun.

    It caused a bit of a controversy here, because the subliminal messages were supposed to make you feel good, thus wanting to play more, which got the game labeled as a drug in some more sensationalist media outlets.

    The messages did nothing on me, though. I remember that the game -was- pretty fun, although I thought it was a shame that the grid didn't rotate. It was at all sorts of odd angles, but it'd have been even more insane if it actually moved.