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    You guys surely are amazing Smiley

    In Denmark we have IT-lessons the in groundschool, but the teachers doesn't got a clue about computers. I had to teach my teacher to use Excel, because he didn't know how to select cells. Then he had me to teach the class how to do things. I think that's pretty bad :/

    I started with computer when I was 11 years. My father taught me how to use PowerPoint, so I started to do presentations and use the Export to HTML feature to create websites (yeah, I was stupid). So I learned HTML and started to use Frontpage, but you can't really call HTML a programming language.

    Then 1 year later I borrowed a CD with different apps, among them VB4. So I loaded different samples and changed the code, merged it or deleted some, until it all worked (I think Jamie got some experience with this Method of Learning? Tongue Out)

    Later I upgraded to VB6 and after 1 year I released my first real application (RadioCenter). So, people liked the app, and I got interviewed by a large nordic computer magazine ("Komputer"). That was pretty nice.

    When Visual Basic 2005 Express came out I started to learn .NET. After a week or two I switched to the .NET platform, building small apps to learn the new concepts and OOP. Then, when I saw a C9 vid featuring Anders Hejlsberg (he rox!), I decided to switch to C#, and that's about where I am now Smiley

    So, I'm pretty self taught. I've learned VB4, VB6, (X)HTML, CSS, VB .NET and C# in something like 4 years. Maybe I should leave my room now? Big Smile

    - Dan