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Prepare for the Slashdotting

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    Just to warn you, this site will be on /. very shortly. Prepare for the flames that are sure to follow. Too bad the place will likely suck for a couple days, as I think this site might be a good idea.

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    Let's go on holiday while all Linux fans come over from /. to bash MS Wink

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    Linux fans make constructive criticisms, raise valid points and intelligent comments but never bash Wink

    Except perhaps /bin/bash

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    Well we shall see what they have to say, not all criticism is bad criticism.

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    sigkill (9)

    I cant comment for the rest of the slashdotters, but I think its time Microsoft started listening to the developers.

    And now that I see the WiX project, of the Shared Source Initiative, I keep looking out of my window to see if the pigs are actually flying!

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    I'll admit it..I came here from slashdot...

    Tongue Out

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    i too, hail from /.

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    I'm here from the coverage on Neowin.

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    /. drove me!


    I think you will find the *real* OSS folks will become regular visitors and contributors who can provide valid feedback and a unique point of view on a number of subjects. /. has it's anti-linux flames and trolls too, and although it's roots lie in *nix/OSS - I know a lot of MS diehards that read slashdot more than I do.

    Moderators? ... Moderators? ... Moderators?

    -"Wisest is he who knows he does not know."

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    So far it seems to be standing up pretty well to the load - anyone seeing any access problems?

    I'd hate to be the one getting tomorrow's bandwidth bill for all that video, though...

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